Children friendly spot - LeoLand Rooftop Waterparks

Just like other big cities, Bangkok has many to offer for family with young children. It has many parks with playgrounds, theme parks, museums, indoor playground even a rooftop water slides.

This time I'll share about LeoLand, a waterpark in the rooftop of Central BangNa. This shopping center is big and has easy access from Bangna express way. However, it's actually not in the heart of Bangkok city. It took about half hour from the main bustling area of bangkok by car through express way (pay 45 bath for this road). Or you can take skytrain till the last station On Nut and get a cab from there for less than 100 baht if the road is clear.

Once you are in the mall, go straight to the highest floor the elevator can get you and you can only take escalator to the very end floor.. the rooftop. It sounds like a journey itself to reach this medium size waterparks, but I'd say if you're not into extreme slides, this is the place. The entrance fee between thai and foreigners is significantly different. If you're asian and knows a bit of thai language, they'll give you local price which is verrry cheap.

They offer several water play and pool. The one for children is fun and has a real shallow depth and a bit sandy. In the children playpool area you can see several slides, waterbooms and they also provide a lot of lazy plastic chair (for free) under the shades for you to watch your children. I saw they have at least 1 dedicated guard to watch over the kids during play. For children 3 yr and up, its a totally safe area. 

Beside the kiddy one, they have spa pool, medium pool with wide slide, couple of pools for spiral slides end, jacuzzi pool and river-like pool. Going here in the afternoon when the sun is not hitting your skin badly would be the best time. The view is the sky and toll road plus building surrounds it. Feels different though. 

I noticed in the past time they also a nice roller coaster from inside theme parks (still within the same building) that go trough and around this waterparks. Too bad it's no longer operated. However, the remaining area of the theme park filled with rides that your tots would enjoy.

LeoLand understand that some people may not planned carefully of going to waterpark. They not only rent floaties but also swimming gears. Other shops here are food shop where you need to buy voucher to purchase the food. But, I wasn't really impressed with the food quality. Since it's not restricted to brink your own picnic bag, ensure you have your own favorite nibble or dishes to bring along. Or simply get them in the outlets inside the mall before entering this place.


  1. Paultons Park
    I seen in the overdue they also a awesome journey from within areas (still within the same building) that go trough and around this waterparks. Too bad it's no more managed. However, the staying area of the amusement recreation area loaded with trips that your children would appreciate.


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