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Geoje, heaven on earth

Its more than a half year now we're living in Geoje Island and this place still amusing us. The best part of living here is because we are so lucky to get a house instead of apartment. Our house quite close to one of Geoje's sand beach with a spacious garden, good for the children.

But the most part we love about living in Geoje is all the fresh scenery we find every time we look around us. Wherever we drive around the island, the view never fail us to feel blessed of staying in this beautiful island.

Not many people realized about Geoje when we mention it. South Korea is identical with Seoul, Ski Resort or Jeju. We don't mind. Less tourist would be best cos we are selfish. hahaha. but despite that fact, this place is still packed with tourists coming in big buses in weekend, and expect no spot in the beach on summer days.

Here are some picture my husband took around the island for your eyes refreshment :