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Face in Korean Space

The term ‘face’ and the face itself play a vital role in Korean Culture and in Language Behavior. Koreans believe that everything concerning one’s birth, degree of education, sophistication and fate is related to face  There are many Korean expressions using word ‘face’ , for instance : ‘My face is wrinkled’ means I am ashamed, ‘his face is wide’ means he has many influential friends or ‘one has no face to see’ means he/she is very sorry for what has happened. Not only that, face-reading is also one of the most frequently practiced as fortune-telling devices. Face-readers are hired by some of the Korea’s leading businesses to help them select from among job-applicantss. Face-readers can present during job interviews of college graduates in some of the nation’s leading companies (Kun-Ok Kim, Chung-Ang University, 1993).

Having read this article, I can now understand how important the appearance to Korean people. Since culturally, face is an important body part, it is no surprise how some…