Pratunam - Platinum

If we pronounce both words with thai accent, you will find them very identical. Nothing wrong with that since Platinum is located in Pratunam area. I kind of suspect that's also the name originally comes from :).
Pratunam (pratu = door ; nam = water) is an area in the heart of Bangkok that fame for decades as the wholesale market, especially for fashion items. There are thousands of shops mushrooming in every side of the corner of this big intersection. Buyer would come from many places but I find thai (from other provinces), Indonesian-Singaporean and Arabs more often.
Pratunam market consist of several shopping buildings and flea areas, marked from the Baiyoke sky tower along to Petchaburi and the opposite side you will see Pratunam building with vendors along the street.

The latest on the gang is Platinum Mall, that is only across the canal from Central World, the landmark of the area. It also opposite of the older version of Pratunam market (still in Petchburi street). Platinum Mall is the rising star and shining since its first opened only few years ago. I must say Platinum beats pratunam for its convenient and style. You will find hundreds of shops with better collection and bargain price. Most shop already have fixed price, some still willing to be bargained. Best deal will always come up if you buy minimum 3 items from the same shop as you will get wholesale price with significant difference per piece than buying just 1. No wonder some good friends (re-seller) will spend whole day in this mall and sometimes fly to Bangkok only to go to this one spot.

Platinum open from 10 AM to 8.30 PM. But, actually most shop is not open that long. Shops in the lower floor is obliged to open early but they will close around 6 PM. Shops in the upper level is fully active by mid-day but they will be trading until 8 PM. After that, don't expect too much.

Platinum-Pratunam is reachable by skytrain plus a bit of walking : Ratchatewi, Phyathai, Siam and Chitlom. There are numbers of buses too and also canal boat (khlong taxi). Some taxi will avoid a trip to this area between 12 - 6 PM due to extreme traffic jam.

Last thing, be careful with your personal belonging, ensure you get name card from your favorite shop and bring a lot of CASH. :)


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