My Tour Service is for YOU

Yes, I am providing tour service, this time limited to Bangkok and its surrounding area {soon will expand. Just wait! :) } but not limited to anyone. My service is fully customized. Mainly to give you a chance to explore only your places of interests the way you like it. Tour operator, big or small, won't offer flexibility as much as I will. 

How? It's so easy!
1. Contact me and state your plan even if you haven't book any flight yet or you are already in the city. 
2. I will give you some preliminary questions such as : when, who's coming (yourself, with your partner, child, parent, big group, etc), duration, what sort of places you'd prefer and the budget.
3. Based on your information, I will send a proposed itinerary, budget (with my fee separated, so you know where will your every penny goes to) and additional ideas-suggestions for your consideration.
4. Once the itinerary agreed and you pay your small deposit for my service, its my time to do all the action for you. Include but not limited to make bookings on your behalf prior to your arrival.
5. You come and since then I'll be your personal assistant in term of guiding, information source, local emergency contact, personal shopper or else. Basically to ensure your trip is hassle free and enjoyable until your departure. If required, I will be the one you see first and last.  

How much? 
The cost varied depend on the agreed itinerary. But I can ensure you it will be a competitive price. All the booking I made on client's behalf usually cheaper than counter price and my service fee will make you happy. :)



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