scams in bangkok

Fraud against tourists or visitors (tourist scams) are also common in Bangkok. The most common is the rumor that the place closed because of religious or royal event and fraud committed tuktuk (20baht trip). The equation between the two is the 'victim' will be invited to a jewelry showroom in the hope they will buy in the store and 'con' will be a fee from the store.

Here's the mode.

The scammer, call Khun A, usually circulated around the victim. They're wandering in the hotel lobby, around the entrance to attractions, at airports, stations and bus terminals. Tuktuk drivers usually would stir tourist around offer worth 20 baht. Or, if we intend to take a tuktuk to a destination from a parked one, he will easily agree with the price of 20 baht only. (tuktuk = typical 3-wheeled vehicle Thailand. As prevalent of Bajaj in Jakarta without walls / doors)
What then happens is that the passenger was brought around from one jewelry store to another store although eventually ending with transfer to the place that we had planned earlier. As an illustration, from the hotel in Pratunam area to the Chatuchak weekend market maximum journey time 30 minutes (if bad). With this scam tuktuk long trip can stretch up to 2 hours.

Another mode is declared a closed tourist object. Khun A then this would provide an alternative elsewhere. Sometimes the distances are escorted on foot. If the distance is a bit far, taken up tuktuk .. and, there .. like the story above.

Which is not common but happened, tourists went through a travel agent with the tour package. When it arrived in Bangkok, the tour participants do not go all the attractions listed in the travel package with the reason the place is closed or under renovation.Advantages for tour operators is reduced the cost of transportation budget tour guide. Tour participants then had an extra free time. There are no refunds for this event.

Other types of fraud can be a talisman that claim his stuff has magic, or a show salesman mentioned the show there will have this and that, but actually the guest was treated only to drinks and live music with a high cover charge, another is a vendor claim a branded goods is new and original (of course not. But this happens not only in street vendor but also in a bigger shops) and of course a taxi would take you around without meters because the road was jammed, etc.

Fraud can happen anywhere, especially in tourist areas. As tourists we better remain vigilant and only trust people we know well (if practically closed, walk into the booth and asked the official there), do not feel obliged to buy or sacrificing time if you are not interested to something they offer and if necessary call the police tour. For better and safer option, arrange these things through your hotel reception or the official box office / organizer. even if through an agent, ensure you get a receipt. Easy right?


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