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Travel in style : weekend in a castle

We get to stay in the castle by coincidence. All hotel we want were fully booked. Those surround it wont accept family with small children. It happened there is this place that eventhough very formal but very child friendly also! (Thanks to Dave for his browsing strategy).The name is Swinton Park Castle Hotel. It housed one of the top 10 best restaurant in uk. It has a reputable cooking class. But its so british. So you'll find their package for gaming-hunting to their own hunting range. It has lakes and streams with graceful swans passed by. Breed their own deer, plant their own veggie and salad garden, interesting bird prey with daily show, and so much more they offer.

London Zoo

I must say its not cheap to enter this very historic zoo. but, for the sake of the children and husband, i get into this nice vintage zoo for the first time in Iedul Adha day, right after morning pray. It happened this zoo and Islamic center of London located within walk distance. The day was cold (well, London always cold so far) but the kids still excited. amazing. the excitement contagious. While Dave taking photos of almost every animal he saw, I prefer to gazing in every corner of this zoo, while ensuring my kids well entertained. For my family, 2 adults and 3 kids aged five and under, we paid little bit more than 60pounds, that close to a million rupiahs! That could feed so many animals in Ragunan zoo back home. So, we must really get to everywhere and spent hours here, I said. We get in, across the tunnel which lead us to other part of the zoo that actually across the street (the zoo located in the corner of regent's park with inner circle road divide it into 2 parts). …

Millenium bridge

Here's jasmine walking the millenium bridge with st.paul cathedral background.
Its an amazing walk thru this bridge as you pass the famous thames river by feet.
The name suits this bridge well with its millenium color and built in the millenium era.
This bridge is also good walk to reach tate modern and shakespeare globe after a good trip around the 2nd biggest cathedral in the world (after the one in vatican of course).