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Its a love and hate relationship between Jakarta and the Jakartans. At some point, the residences know their life is inseperable with the city. But the 2 major problems of Jakarta : traffic and flood, is beyond irritating. Its damaging one's life quality.

When I type this, Jakarta and the Jakartans suffer from flood because of constant rain for several days. If the city planning, the drainage, the waste management, is good, the flood can be avoided. But surely its not the case today.

I was there. Well, not in the flood. But I was in Jakarta last week. I got the constant rain that hold many people to go out. Some offices kindly let their employee stayed home cos its less likely many of them can reach to work. Using motorbikes would be the best mode to mobile at some areas. While at the other spots, there's no transportation would be best. Nothing can move.

But I still confidently stating my love to the city. I know some people who can't love their homeland (hi Dave). Alt…