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Feel the old Royal at Gyeongju, South Korea

At one cold weekend, when the winter almost ends, I met Gyeongju on my way back from Seoul. Why met, instead of went? because I've heard many people mentioned this city (if not raving about it) since I arrived in Geoje. Maybe because its historical background, or resort, or relatively easy access (from Geoje). So when I arrived I said, "hello Gyeongju, finally we meet'. :))

So, I told you why people keep mentioning this place for weekend getaway or short trip destination. First, because its background. Here's what the official Korea Travel Guide book said about it :

Gyeongju was the capital of the Silla Kingdom for 1,000 years and the valley in which it is situated as a great concentration of historical buildings, temples and artifacts. After Silla unified the peninsula in year 676, the city developed into one of the world's major cultural centers. The area is truly a museum without walls due to the wealth of historical buildings and treasures. 

My imagination were…