Fashion Shopaholic at Chatuchak

In early September I guided Mbak Ria and her friends to explore chatuchak weekend market. It was supposed to be a half day thing but turned out to be a day affair. Can't blame them, Chatuchak has too much to offer. One can get lost in there easy and can't find a way back. That's why it's so common for people to tell you, 'if you like something at Chatuchak, don't think just buy as you won't find them again'.

Mbak Ria is a buyer for fashion item but her taste is.. say unique. She would buy an item you wouldn't imagine. But it's nice to wear. She will carefully look at the stiches, sense the fabrics and pay for a flawless item. The other 3 ladies are the cheerleaders. (go Ria go!) So it was 4 of us watching Mbak Ria shopping. While us only bought fewer than her, under her advise.

They also careful about timing and energy. I help to ensure they only pass shops that mainly beneficial for them. No funny things like tattoo parlor, pets, housing accesorries, etc. Clothing also must be the good ones, no crappy chinese imported stuff. We were pretty much explore only Thai designers shops and vintage area. You should see how they're esctatic to meet a very delicate vintage bags and accessories.

This group is pretty much independent and smart buyer. I really wish for a prosperous business for them and success in their career (have i told you that they all boss in a reputable branded cosmetic business too? ). See you again mbakyu.


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