Damnoek Saduak also suitable for senior

Back in July, I had a senior couple (age over 70) visiting, I called them Abah and Mamak (means father and mother). They both still full of love and adorable. The highlight of their holiday was a trip to Damnoek Saduak Floating Market. Located about 2 hour car drive out of Bangkok, this floating market known as the biggest touristy floating market.

We left Bangkok early morning about 7 AM cos we want to be there before the vendors gone by mid day. Although there are some other touristy objects along the way, my guests prefer not. They have personal reason to visit Damnoen. They are originally coming from East Kalimantan where floating market was a beautiful scene during their youth. Nowadays, only in Banjarmasin we will easily find it.

We arrived there at 9-ish and rent a motor operated small boat that took us along canals. This is more like a village where canals is one of their transportation route even now the land route already existed.

The boat trip was enjoyable, as we can speed up or slow down as we wish (easier than sharing the boat), shop and bargain from the boat to the other vendor who also in the boat. They sell fruits, snacks, vegetable and souvenirs. I can see Abah really enjoy the trip as he bought quite many different fruits and snacks. While Mamak kept smiling, maybe thinking about her childhood.

Damnoek Saduak is waay narrower than the floating market you find in Banjarmasin, Indonesia. For a different experience, especially if you can't find them back home, its worth the trip.

We spent about 2 hours around then go back to Bangkok by mid day, on time for the gentlemen for Friday pray at mosque.


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