something about Bangkok and my service

After a while exploring Bangkok and beyond, I think it's my time to share and help.

There are so much reason to travel and visit Bangkok (and it's surroundings). It's because this city is the capital of Thailand, the land of smile, where tourism is a so-huge matter here. More over, Thailand also a hub for some businesses and international organization. Even United Nations regional offices is here.

Some traveller come alone for holiday or business trip, with their partner, with their gang of bestfriend, with family, etc. I found Bangkok can cater any type of visitors, whether they are a real tourist or not. But I also found some of those visitors are hassled and found inconvenient in the city. For that matter, one can't change much but can do a difference. Suggestion, explore with local-someone who knows- and trustworthy (that's me! *wink*).

Language is one of the reason. Different rules and cultures are the others. While personally, a little trouble here and there would be okay.. I'll take it as part of the adventure. But when you don't want your precious time for holiday is wasted, those problems can be a real one and ruin the trip.

There. I'd like to offer a customized tour arrangement and guiding. Totally customized, considering your interest, time, situation and of course, budget. My service also based on trust and friendship spirit. Contact me prior to your visit, let me know about your thoughts and I'll share mine. By the day of your arrival until your departure, I'll try to ensure you get as much as you can.

So far, I already experienced assisting travellers with various background. Will you be next?


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