Red Shirt Rally

Last week I just discovered that red shirt rally plan is a serious action. I say this because for few months back, there are fewer demonstration by the red shirt and it was a small scale only. While this time, they claimed over 100 thousand protesters will gather in Bangkok or even more.
Also this time, media talk much about it and government decided to apply the ISA, Internal Security Act, from 11th - 23rd march 2010. Not sure what it is all about, but it doesn't look okay. Warnings disseminate by all means and close to Friday the 11th March, I feel worry a little about how things going to be, because one of the suggestion given was stocking up food for a week consumption if possible. Last time I think stocked up is good idea was on 98 when big turmoil happened in Indonesia.

Anyway, my daughter's school @Indonesian Embassy is officially close from friday 11th March to Tuesday, or until further notice. Some other local schools also encouraged to postpone their activities in the weekend. Events, parties, seminars are rescheduled and some hotel make several exception including check in-out time. Well, it looks like something big was gonna happen, wasn't it?

But I'm glad, after several days, nothing is damaging, all in peace. Even today by accident I pass the rally  which lasted for over an hour from end to end to pass a point, no one is being destructive.

This rally aimed for re-election and show support to Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra. Government so far won't buy their threat or actions. I'll wait and see.. plus hoping things are gonna be okay, real real soon. This mass demonstration and road taking is not good for Bangkok and Thailand tourism in general.


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