Angelina - Central Chidlom

It's very easy to find good dessert in Bangkok. They are just everywhere and few steps away from you. But, getting a dessert that is perfect and fulfill all you need, not an easy thing. Since I live in here, I just realized that dessert is huge matter.. and now I'm in the flow - dessert lover. :)

Central Chidlom happened to be one of my favorite shopping center. And now this Angelina at 3rd floor is my destination after or between shopping time. Not only because the nice ambience and good service, but of course because of the food. They claimed this Angelina is related with a restaurant with the same name out there in Paris with Vera Wang as its regular customer. Pretty reputable there, and here I found there will be always some people drop by for a meal or just tea time. 

This is one of my favorite dessert. Not their original menu. Ah, yes, this is another nice part of them, I can modify their menu to my preference. I forget how to call this. Its a combination of baked bread, sautee banana, caramel and/or choco, with homemade vanilla icecream and whipped cream at side. At some other dessert cafe they also serve similar stuff, but over here the flavor combination and portion is about perfect. With that price, this so-called dessert can be my main and closure at the same time.

Want some?


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