Funny fact #1

As of today, I'd like to share some funny facts I see around here which actually many of them. Daily basis I can see some attitude or habit that for me, unusual.

Tonight, me and my 3.5 yo girl were waiting for our nannies coming back to bangkok after their visa trip back home. Suvarnabhumi airport no longer provide seats near the meeting point, which was my fave spot to wait. So I can sit and see whether my guest passing by or not.

Anyway, I found these seats of 6 not far from the meeting point. If we name the seats A-F, at seat A and B there were a couple of middle age ladies chatting with their briefcase sat in front of them. Seat C and E were vacant while the remaining seats each was occupied by guy reading book. So, since me and jasmine can't sit side by side and I don't think its a good idea to sit not side by side and these 2 guys seems so ignorance to move, jasmine decided not to sit on my lap (no longer convenient for her with this big bump) or taking the seat instead she ate her snack while standing in front of me.

It was not convenient at all for both of us. And even I try to politely ask the guy at seat D to move one seat, he didn't seem care, as if, 'i arrived here earlier than you, stop hassling'. after 15 minutes and jasmine start to get tired, we changed position. And.. both guys stand up! I thought, 'aha now you get it'. and i was wrong. the funny part was that, these 2 guys were together! they stand up, talk, giggling and walk side by side very close to each other to one direction. WHAT? so why didn't they just take a seat close to each other so give a better way for others... like us? fat pregnant women with her little girl?

i should stop expecting people think similar with me. :(


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