i miss blogging but can't cos we're moving

actually, i miss to write down things that popped out in my head constantly. but then there's so much else to do. like, moving house.

you know, moving house is a nightmare for many. and when they thought since we do it like.. 3 times this year, that means to/from 3 different continents, then we will be okay with it.. they're not right.

moving still a hell-rollercoaster due to many logistic problem you'll find. i am thankful that this year moving's big problems is handled my dave. current employer pretty supportive in term of arranging movers, flights, accommodation, etc. but still, many 'printilan' we must handle alone. and its never perfect. never ever.

like, i decluttered our KL house for weeks and dave brought 2 big suitcases of winter clothes a month earlier, plus we have like 160kg luggages flying with us... but we still end up with 50 boxes, in total of 900kg packed and come separately!

and, the formalities. and those forms. and start in new school.. (i think mom need more adjustment than their kids). but at least, i drive start from day 1. its my liberating moment from the headache.

but moving to a new place gives me soooo much material to share! or i want to write here for my own keepsake. about the new home, new neighbor, new habit, new favorite shops, new this new that... cos its all different!

but hey, who will do the home chores or ensure 3 mini bosses is well-fed, well-entertained and mentally balanced?  beside, this korean drama for me-time is really time consuming. hahaha.. *blame them to make such addictive story line*

well, hopefully i can be more committed to update this blog.. and my other blogs too.

that's all for now.


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