Mall in Jakarta series : Plaza Senayan

Not once or twice I found my foreigner friends comment about how spectacular shopping centers in Jakarta. Not just big, but nicely put and mainly has good lay out and careful planning for its ambience.
Not to mention that even the most posh ones still accomodate middle class visitors, at least for recreation and dining. Spacious, friendly and affordable. That could be my outline of those malls, back at my home city.

But sadly, its not (yet) reviewed globally or acknowledge by many. Thanks to the traffic and polution where Jakarta's fame comes from.

Since I miss Jakarta city quiet much, now lets talk about these malls again (i wrote about pejaten village a while ago).

Plaza Senayan (PS) has endless charm. It situated in Senayan, very strategic location. I used to walk from work here for a bite or refreshing. My many early dates with Dave was also in here. I introduce this plaza to Dave maybe in 2002, and since then this is still his favorite shopping center.

There are 2 major tenants in PS, Sogo and Metro. I find Metro is less pricey than Sogo, so i went there more often. Haha. Interestingly, for me Metro in PS has better collection than their other outlets. In the ground floor of metro you can find Hero supermarket while in Sogo they have The Foodhall. Kind of statement of each of their class too (foodhall is more pricey than hero). To further see the economy level differences of these 2 wings is that we can find local Jakartans favorite food outlets : Bakmi GM, JCo donuts, Duta baso malang, es teler 77.. While in Sogo wing you'll find eating is slightly more expensive with less popular eating spots. But, i like both. I like how the management put it that way... Good for planning if you have less time to get what you need. And i must say, food outlets in Sogo wing is tasty!!

PS in general has an adequate size. Not too big or small. Just enough. All major brands as always is in the ground floor, middle section. Less major brand is in 2nd floor, still in middle section. If you have kids, take them to the main piazza to enjoy the clocks singing every hour.

Me and dave used to sit for a coffee and light bites at cafe oh lala, which no longer in there. His must destination is Kinokuniya bookshop in the top level of Sogo. I got my first guitar in a music shop in the corner next to disc tarra.

I must also mention foodcourt in PS always busy. Some tenants are still there from the start while few is changed. My last resource when overwhelmed with various brands there would be Sari Ratu, back to my root; padang food. And this is is not bad at all.

In the recent years they extend the dining section to Arkadia (a pavilion across the parking lot) and build a new extension with XXI cinema on top accessible from the existing plaza. You'll find a high class restaurant in both places. My favorite still the Oyster Restaurant for its good quality of oysters available throughout the year.

And in thin purse moment, i'd sneak out to staff's canteen, located also across the parking lot close to ratu plaza for its local hawker food with original taste. Totally cheap too!

Coming to plaza senayan in the weekend, weekday, evening, morning or anytime always feel fine. Browsing their shops, eat, coffee, business, groceries, fashion.. Be the rich or not, still alright.

Oh how i miss that place !

Fina TW
everyday is a good day


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