Barbican Centre

Honestly, when I first heard this word it just remind me of the word 'barbar' or 'barbarian'. The morning I arrived in our London flat, my husband took us for a tube trip through Barbican Station. I notice this big building complex in dark brown as an old place but not typical english historical establishment. Totally not interesting. I only read slightly somewhere that Barbican was built as a divider between the financial/business district and cultural in the city of London. After few months living just 5 minutes walking distance from this place, I get to realize this big news that "The Barbican is Europe's largest multi-arts and conference venue presenting a diverse range of art, music, theatre, dance, film and creative learning events. It is also home to the London Symphony Orchestra." Oh my! I went in there accidentally, just because Jasmine's class teacher listing library near us, one of them is this the Barbican library. When I get in there, my view about this place has totally changed. It is an old building, but inside its so cozy. They even have a lake inside, with a reasonable size!
For a place with so many world class performances, this place is really humble. Some of the west-end famous theater apparently first showed here. Definitely no more association with the Barbarian, instead if we live in London for a bit longer I'll consider to be a member for its cheapest movie screening in town.


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