Mom and Kids Trip : Tokyo - Osaka on Plane

This could be the least preferred way, or popular way to reach Osaka from Tokyo. 
Most sites and friend will tell you to take JR Shinkansen railway which will take approx. 3 hr 46 mins between those cities. 
Without JR Pass, the cost will be about 14,000 JPY. 

Well, JED is quite fed up taking railway for the past 4 days in Tokyo. So the fact I decided to get last minute booking on a place was excited for them.
It cost us 4,500 JPY each person to fly the budget airlines, Peach Air. Bear in mind that we also need to pay another 2,500 JPY to take Narita Express from Shinjuku. 

We book and have the QR code by email. Then we easily use this check in machine at the airport. No checked in baggage. 
The one hour journey was good. Cabin is just a common budget airlines cabin where you need to purchase your own consumables on board. 

On board, you can purchase a discounted express train to Namba station. Actually it was tempting cos our hotel is in Namba. But, since Peach air only sale for adult passenger, while we have 3 kids in the group and only 1 adult, it is reasonable to just purchase it altogether in the airport. 

Apparently we arrived at Kansai Airport budget terminal, so we must take a shuttle to the main terminal. The budget terminal is so small and at first you feel like in a warehouse :) Btw, if you are flying to Osaka from overseas using budget airlines, this is also the terminal you'd be landed at.

It's quite a long way for the free airport shuttle, from budget terminal to the main terminal. the main terminal is much better, even look better than Narita. Kansai Airport's main terminal is also adjoined with the railway station. 

As intended, rather than bus limousine which take almost an hour to city, we took the Rap:t train, cos 1,430Y for an adult and it takes 35 minutes only to the Namba station. 

Compare to N'Ex (narita express), I like this Rap:t interior better. The window is unique!!

Tokyo to Osaka by plane verdict? 
Okay, if you are really on a tight budget and love to wander, or get bored with train like our kids. bear in mind the transfer may take your extra time. 
Tokyo-Narita-kansai Budget terminal-Main terminal-train to osaka/namba
cost approx per adult : 8,500 JPY 
Duration approx : 3 hrs. Plus walking here-there, read information board, buy ticket etc , 3.5 hours.

Compare to JR Shinkasen which only come, sit, and wait, so simple, the plane plan doesn't seem efficient. But no regret. it is still a good adventure !

However, I'd try Shinkansen Tokyo-Osaka next time. well, I would by JR Pass first. :)


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