1 Jan 2013. Hello new year!

Wow, another year. It seems just yesterday when I decided not going to see the beautiful fireworks by Thames River in London. Although it sounds fancy, but spending the evening with your loved ones - just at home, clearly much better.

I awake this very early morning to wonder, what gonna happen in this year? the number doesn't appealing. the combination of 2, 0, 1 and 3 isnt that pretty. But no one can really tell.
On the new year day of 2012, me, Dave and the kids were wandering around our neighborhood 'enjoying' the cold and snow. At that time we talked about our family schedule to Malaysia and will spend about 2 years there. We discussed about how good its gonna be cos the warmth of the sun is upon us daily, not like now (then). Dave mentioned that I'd be easy going back to Jakarta if I miss my family cos its just a quick flight between those cities.

But.. its not the case. The schedule changed. Never thought that we will end up in South Korea but still able to celebrate the new year eve in Jakarta. We live. we moved on. we survived another year.

People can make so many different plans but its not a definite life they can predict.

Then I'd rather not making too much plan and having too much expectation. If there's any single thing I hope to get and wish to have it endlessly is the blessing of good health for all my loved ones. We might live apart miles away. But we know when we miss them, we can go to see them, hug them and tell to their eyes how grateful we are to have each other.

Happy new year everyone!!


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