How to Visit Petronas Tower Skybridge

Last week I planned to go up the sky bridge of petronas twin towers. Unfortunately I got the information wrong.

First about the entrance fee. Apparently since 2 years ago they sell ticket on a price of 50 RM for each sky bridge visitor. I went there many years ago and even the travel guide book I just bought from local shop yesterday said the same: it's free.

Second is about visiting time. Previously you can only obtain ticket for the same day slot. You could que up to get ticket in the morning and choose the time in the afternoon that suits you (if the morning group has closed/full). Now you are allowed to get ticket one day prior to visiting time. It could safe the waiting time if we have several days in our kL visit schedule.

So, if you are among tourists who need to say : i've been there, here's what you can do to get up there:

Go to Petronas building, there's access from Suria shopping center, not far from its middle court. Ticketing office is at basement floor. If you come from inside the mall, you'd like to turn right, the escalator down is 'hidden' at the opposite philharmonic shop.

2 options you can do:
1. que up early morning to get same day ticket. Ticket counter is open at 8 am, mon-sun. Many people start to queue from 7am.
2. Buy advanced ticket. Now you can buy ticket for the next day visit. But make sure you come also early morning if you have prefence visit hour.

There are 2 level of this sky bridge. You'll have someone escort you right up and provide some necessary information about kl-petronas-the bridge. Then you'll have a bit of free time to take pictures. Time allocated for each time slot is not much. So make sure you take a lot of photos and not moving too slow.

I hope this info could help you in planning your itinerary for visiting KL.

Fina TW
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