quick trip to look Bristol, UK

Its quite a quick trip, only in 3 hours to walk around Bristol city center. We have good impression and wish we could spend more time to explore. 
I always like water element. That's why I like Bristol, its a harbour city in the south west England. Although Dave keep telling me that it was famous for criminals, I dont feel insecure to wander around. It has also different type of car for taxi, not typical black cab like London. The '@" for children activity center also offer various activities that Jasmine really wanted to do. Too bad we had time constraint. 
Next time you have the chance to visit Bristol, take your time to try one of the fancy restaurant by the river precinct. It must be nice!

One among houseboats at Bristol harbour

arrived at Bristol Train Station

The Bridge to Bristol high street

In front of Bristol @ctivity Center

Jasmine getting cold at Bristol Harbor


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