Another Day at Greyhound

This is not the animal although I am pretty sure they were inspired by one. This is the restaurant me and my husband among only fewer others, that we frequently visit. We love to keep coming back here for its quality and quiet reasonable priced foods. Beside, its only 10 minutes walking distance from our home.

Apparently after a while I just found out that this brand in Thailand was started from clothing business! To be precise - men's clothing in 1980. Then they make women's clothing, shoe, accessories and lastly a restaurant. In 1997 their first branch in Emporium is opened. Nice pick. Emporium is famous for upscale and fashionable outlets within. Also it lies in Sukhumvit road where a lot of expatriates and rich Thais live. Those that somehow can be picky of what they eat. (agree?)

Anyway, that day I decided to order scallops with mashed potato and grilled veggy with pesto sauce. It turned out to be great! I must admit the quality of each ingredients that makes the difference. My husband try their fish menu (I forget what they called it) and it's also excellent. I remember that last year they even have salmon special with chef and ingredients flew directly from Norway. Nice try!

But, they do have more than just seafood in this place. Actually, they have every kind of food. They do thai-asian and western too. They have noodle, seafood, poultries and meats. But there's the problem.. they put porky stuff at almost all of the options. Usually in a chunky bite. Not really good bet for me, seafood would be better.

According to a friend who is a porky lover, greyhound's noodle is the best. Intrigued by it, I try their pasta first. 2 occasions and both turned me down. It was just too dry. Next time I order beef soup noodle. With a clear explanation that I am allergy to pork, so no chance they can put even just a drop of pork stock. And, it tastes good. So beefy.

Their choices of beverages also good. You can get regular sodas, variety of cocktails, mocktails, juices and nice wine. However, the downside is that their portion is quite big for single eater. I hardly able to order their desserts. Its best to order several food with a bunch of friends and share them. Enjoy the ambience, good service, good food and make sure you bring good company.


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