Thailand Knowledge Park

Library inside a shopping mall? never thought about it before, never know such thing exists. But it does in Bangkok. And it doesn't call itself 'library', but knowledge park. When I think about it, this term is so right. When library associated with books (only), this place offers beyond that point.

Located at the 8th floor of Central World-the biggest shopping center in Thailand, TK Park occupies over 2500 sqm, nicely divided into some zones. I can find books (some of them in English.. just some), journals, magazines, anything really.

Go around and try their children zone and music zone (2 of my fave). they also have exhibition space and quiet room for those who need it. Many PC available to use, include to play games.

TK Park was damaged during RedShirt riot in april 2010 however they are now make a bigger and better TK park in return.


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