Thai and Food, not Thai food

Thai food is everywhere around the globe I am sure, but I am more interested in the affair between thai people and food. Any food. Although Thai food itself in internationally known, thai people I observe in Bangkok many times prefer international food too.

Japanese food could be on top of the list. You'll easy to find any type of Japanese food at any standard (fine dining to fast food). Fuji can be the biggest Japanese restaurant chain here and during lunch/dinner time, its easy to find people queueing to get a table. Its not that the restaurant is small (standard size can cater up to 200 persons) but just because they're popular. After Japanese, Italian and Bakery could be next on the list. However, you actually can find many types of food in Bangkok, even recently MBK's fifth avenue has Indonesian section, an authentic one! not a fake one and tend to taste like malay or singapore food.

Thai people always eat. Food vendor is everywhere! No shortage, available 24/7. Delivery service do most of cuisine, even post office sell food, called Yummy Post! Some famous delivery service are :
- 'Food by Phone'. It cater many taste buds. Although the price is quite high, but it service is good, with detailed menu at their website and english speaking staff over the phone. Just wait for maximum 1 hour and their delivery guy will be at your door, whether its house, apartment, office or hotel room.
- S n P. This is also a big food chain. their food taste okay and have quite range of menu. SnP also has bakery, catering and their own frozen food as quick meal.
- 1112. For fast food. Pizza Company, swensens and for several area they are delivering Burger King too. For food by pizza company, 30 minutes guarantee. They can do this because their restaurant really spreaded everywhere in Bangkok.

Another thing is that Thai People respect food. I adore this attitude. Food is not just something to fill your belly, but it also a ritual. So, its common if you see thai people wonder around with take away food from restaurant (some left over). They also tend to share meals on table. Usually their order will contain appetizer and main course. Even if they eat by side street vendor, unless its a one meal dish type.

Dessert? well, its another story. I found so much outlet and restaurant only for dessert! from ice creams, gelato, cakes, traditional snacks, etc. Some of them are my favorite cos it's a very cozy atmosphere outlets with good products. These places never lack of customers. I assume, thai people include dessert as their culture too.

Fruit on thai people also interest me. I notice many thai girls' body shape is wonderful even pork and fattening food are common to be found. I guess they balance it by eating so much fruit daily. Ready to eat fruit is everywhere. We can snacking fruit anywhere, while working or walking. People carrying big plastic bag of fruits to work is a regular scene here.

Beside dessert and fruit, I find there's so much in common between bangkokian and jakarta people regarding food. A culture I'd love to embrace. Well, I must make this post as part one. Cos there are so much more about thai and food to share.
that's all for now. :)


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