Located only 1.5 hours drive from Bangkok and famous for its nightlife, Pattaya still on the list to visit by traveller coming to Thailand from around the world. Although many bad rating given to Pattaya lately by some friends for these reasons :
- the beaches is far overrated. (kind of true..Bali @ my home country still offer much better ones.)
- the services by locals can be a ripped off (but it happens at many touristy places, right?)
- its not family friendly due to many sex shows and go go bars. It used to have many HIV cases here.
- not much to see around (well.. its not true!)

I'd say Pattaya is not that bad. We should appreciate the local tourism authority whose trying to change that bad image of adult destination to a family friendly tourist objects. Beside the beach (well, it is very narrow with too much umbrellas), within short drive we can also get to Nong Nooch (Nong Nuj) with beautiful garden landscape, Mini Siam, Pattaya floating market (claimed as the biggest one),  watch Thailand cultural show (not sex shows!), take our kids to Pattaya theme park and waterpark, relaxing at white sandy beach of Coral Island, shopping while stop by at Ripley museum, of course seeing temples and many more.

Here's a few reason why we can consider Pattaya for the next destination or extension of our visit to Bangkok :
- it has good distance from Suvarnabhumi airport or Bangkok city, with a lot of transportation options at a reasonable price.
- its family friendly (now) with many options of tourist spots (but still do some surveys to avoid adult areas)
- halal food is available around
- affordable and wide range of accommodations, less price than other beach resorts near Bangkok, like Hua Hin (this place is better for golf lovers).
- good facilities available for tourists
- english speaking locals are easy to find

Its not perfect but worth to try. Hope you can enjoy your pattaya trip like we did. :)


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