Beaches in Geoje (Review)

Lucky for us living in Geoje Island, surrounded by clean water and beautiful coastline. Summer is best time to explore beaches we have around, here are some of them (just in case you haven’t been there!) 
Gujora Beach
OIS Summer Beach time at Gujora

Location : South, Ilun-Myun
Divided into beach area and harbor area. Here is the biggest sand beach in the island. It has soft sand, shallow sea bottom and mild water temperature. Best spot for open water  swimming. Harbor area has some Korean seafood restaurant to choose from and boat cruise to Naedo, Oedo and Hageumgang. 
Plus : wide and longest sandy beach. Clean water, not too much seaweed. Water activities available on summer (at a cost) and good site for kayaking too. 
Minus : no snack bar or cafe in the beach area. Only occasionally a coffee vendor in minivan available at parking lot. 
Gujora has best sands

Wahyeon Beach
Wahyeon Beach on Summer Days

Location : South, Ilun-Myun
Smaller beach than Gujora but as popular among Korean during holidays. Boat cruise to Hageumgang and Oedo Island also available. Try flying fish and jetski here. Swimming rings for adult and children available for rent during summer time. 
Plus : few cafes available with good coffee, gelato and cold drinks. Nearby C-Palace hotel also has western dining area with good menu.  Clear view of Hageumgang rock. 
Minus : some part of the beach has rough sands and can be filled with seaweeds other than summer time.
Wahyeon beach NOT in Summer. The place is all ours!
My mum, JED and Abby with Wahyeon Statue

Hakdong Peeble Beach 
Hakdong Peeble Beach (photo by KTO)
Location : Hakdong-ri, Dongbu-myeon
Famous pebble beach that also called the black pearl beach, packed with tourists on Summer to swim, sunbathing and try watersports. Camping ground (in concrete) available nearby. 
Plus : good view, nice stop on the way to Windy Hill or Hageumgang. Korean seafood restaurant and cafes available.  
Minus : parking, most of the times I’d park at 4fishes (Suhyup) parking lot and walk.  Popular during lunch hours in the weekend, best time to avoid.

Sagok Beach - Gohyeon
Sagok Beach with the pier
Location : Sagok, follow route 14, a couple km away only from Homeplus
Plus : sandy beach with a different view from south part Geoje. Near homeplus, for your bbq needs :) 
Minus : water is not that clean.
Ramadhan breakfasting BBQ with Indonesian friends and families


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