Today H&M open in KL, Malaysia

I like this brand. When we were in London, we shop their stuffs every now and then. Their branches is everywhere!

Today they open their first outlet in Malaysia, located at Lot 10 bukit bintang KL. I know there will be many local shoppers looking forward to their collection here. Thanks to their aggresive ads around the city, including printed ads on buses and monorail train. Also the location is really prime, in the heart of bukit bintang. I think it's the best location rather than inside any malls like zara or mango does.

Anyway, since morning i notice many people queing to enter their outlet. Good to find that it occupied a corner side of lot 10, 2 levels too. Pretty big la.

I can also see that they already anticipate huge numbers of people willing to check out their collections. Red carpets and line divider as if you want to take ride in amusement parks is prepared. Long queue doesnt make people giving up. Security guards are around to make sure everyone got the chance to shop / enter their outlet accordingly.

Although i expect the items wont be as nice as those in europe, and the price will be higher, i still like H&M. And glad to finally find them again.

(And admit indonesia is behind.. Again. *sigh*)


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