Dining at 15 by Jamie Oliver

15 is the restaurant made by Jamie Oliver for his apprenticeship program. Called 15 because there were 15 apprentice when it was started. Until today Jamie still provide the recipe and monitor this project of him. First in London, now 15 also have other locations include Amsterdam.
Apparently it the first 15 is just walk distance from my flat. We went here for lunch. Their menu is changed weekly and this week menu is not that tempting to me. As they dont serve just beef (only combined with pork), they serve mainly lamb and fish. Also for lunch you should do 2 or 3 set course instead of ala carte.
It was 3 of us and we order only 2 sets. Not bad after all for our pocket hahaha.
However, i must say its not special. Its good but not great. Its yummy but not that tasty. The restaurant in the basement gave you a look of their kitchen. But for lighter bites, you can sit upstair.
Here's the look for our meals :)) enjoy!


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