London Zoo

I must say its not cheap to enter this very historic zoo. but, for the sake of the children and husband, i get into this nice vintage zoo for the first time in Iedul Adha day, right after morning pray. It happened this zoo and Islamic center of London located within walk distance. The day was cold (well, London always cold so far) but the kids still excited. amazing. the excitement contagious. While Dave taking photos of almost every animal he saw, I prefer to gazing in every corner of this zoo, while ensuring my kids well entertained. For my family, 2 adults and 3 kids aged five and under, we paid little bit more than 60pounds, that close to a million rupiahs! That could feed so many animals in Ragunan zoo back home. So, we must really get to everywhere and spent hours here, I said. We get in, across the tunnel which lead us to other part of the zoo that actually across the street (the zoo located in the corner of regent's park with inner circle road divide it into 2 parts). Get the map of this zoo
This zoo is pretty spacious and historical. We can see a raven cage that is hundred years old. also some establishment back dated to the 1800s. They have over 700 species here with so many interactive and interesting exhibits such as : Children zoo called Animal Adventure, Giants of the Galapagos, Butterfly Paradise with its bug entrance in floaty looked cage, but so warm inside with butterfly freely fly around us!, Meet the Monkeys, Rainforest Life , Gorilla Kingdom, impressive with interactive information boards too, and the Blackburn Pavilion, show how ZSL creates realistic environments to house some of the world’s most impressive and inspiring animals.
My children loves the children zoo area. they can pet animal, all safe ones and mini size to cater their conditions :) they also love to get into the interactive penguin show (and ask for more!) or simply play in the playground provided. Myself, still amazed with this vintage zoo. Among some other zoo i've visited, size-wise the Ragunan in South Jakarta Indonesia still lead. It also the greenest and most spacious. the most commercialized is the singapore's. The least collection is in Perth but nicely put and managed. The so-so one but still nice is in bangkok. while here in London, its the most impressive interactive conditioning with the latest update for conservation. No wonder it costs a fortune to enter this. I wish Ragunan zoo can be nicely put and managed, at least like their schmutzer area. Its all about money. while we can't expect ragunan zoo visitor to pay $10 each, but we can expect a lot of donors and sponsors to upgrade our zoo into a friendly and homey, plus a bit sophisticated ones. of course, let the budget goes to the animal welfare and the caregivers. all zoo out there talking about conservation of Indonesian endangered animals. not just talk, but educate, do, and getting money. We should contribute more, or maybe have but the ragunan zoo visitors got a very minus information about conservation aspects.


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