This Close to My Childhood Dream

I was not yet 15 when I dream of going abroad to Europe, particularly Paris and Vienna. Its a long story behind, but the hoping is on, for so many years. My first journey abroad finally happen when I was 23 leaving Jakarta to Singapore and KL. Since then, opportunity come and go. Until today I write this post in London, UK. I am telling you, I can't help myself from crying when the plane is about to land in Heathrow. It moves my heart so much to see the lights and the fact that I have gone thru so far to reach this european land. Me and my family flew from Perth, a city far down in southern hemisphere of the globe. Total of over 24 hours journey door to door. Although I married to a british, its hard to get the chance coming to his homeland. Not only time and financial circumstance but also our logistic with 3 toddlers. But who knows one's way of life. only just last month I was in my 'home' in Jakarta, and last week in Australia. God is really kind.


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