Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse - Augusta WA

Going to Margaret River region won't be complete without visiting this historic site. Located in Cape Leeuwin, the very tip south west of western australia (and maybe the australia continent), this lighthouse has interesting aspects to talk about. Mainly for me is because the light can be seen up to 47 km in the ocean.. actually 2 oceans! because this spot is the meeting point of Indian Ocean (warm) and Southern / Antartic Ocean (cold).

It only take less than 4 hours drive straight from Perth. Once you arrived in Augusta and driving toward the cape, you might feel hard to breath.. literally. The view is stunning. I can't stop to thank God for the blessing given so i can witness His works, always be magnificent work. The greenery from the land meet the clear blue ocean and light blue sky. A bit of rocks here and there along the coastline of white sandy beach. What other would you expect?

The lighthouse complex itself is very well-maintained with every old establishments still there. You can see the history and how lighthouse works here. This one itself was built almost 200 years ago. You can sit for a nice coffee while watching the view from the small local cafe. We pay a little dollars to enter the site. Really worth every penny.

Another good thing is eventhough the location is waay far from everything, but they also consider the disable. Its very safe for children too.

Well, actually, i should correct myself. If you visiting Western Australia, most likely you will be arriving in Perth. Recommended to allocate extra night to go down south of Perth, and find this region as there are plenty amazing things going on. Wait for my next post of things to do in Margaret River Region. :)


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