welcome new city, welcome Perth!

This could be the most remote capital city in the world in the most remote continent. But this place is definitely offer you a relax, laid-back lifestyle. The fresh air I breath every time said enough to welcome us last month.

Western Australia is the biggest state of the country which area can cover multiple whole europe plus other countries. But it has only 2 million people! Compare to what Bangkok population with over 12 million people in a waaaayyyy much much smaller area, it is extremely different ambience. I don't see people cramming and what they say about traffic jam is actually a regular traffic during peak hours at my origin city, Jakarta.

I can't fall in love instantly to Perth. We arrive when winter still around. Our tropical blood resists the wind blows every time. 10 degree in average even with sunny day doesn't help much. But we took a drive around. The nature here is just beautiful. Its remoteness actually an attraction point. You don't want many people around to steal that feeling of serenity. So I learn.. and its pretty easy, to get there.. like the city. A good point to eventually in love.

We'll be here for quite a while, much longer hopefully than bangkok. There are many spots to explore. Meanwhile, take a deep breath... and feel a happy lung.. :))

- a note from a respiratory polluted person .. well, used to be :)


  1. I've been to Bunbury, about 100 miles south of Perth. It was very nice!


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